The London Cemetary Time Traveller

I have an idea for a TV film or Series and thought Stephen Fry, John Nettles or David Jason would be perfect for the leading part. Below is a synopsis of my idea:

The Grave Time Traveller

The first episode opens at a retirement party in the Archaeology department at the Royal London University. The leading character is a Londoner, called Henry Cort,aged in his 50's, a widower who is enjoying his retirement party at University.

Henry Cort is about 5 ft 8inches to 6ft tall and a born and bred Londoner.

During the course of the party his best friend Johnny Frazer has a heart attack.

Suffice to say he dies on the way to the hospital.

A week later there is a funeral for his friend at The London Cemetery.

After the funeral the leading character is walking back through the cemetery wearing a waxed Long Coat and hat in drizzly rain when he notices a weird light in the depths of the cemetery. The glow is surrounding a overgrown grave stone wherein Lies a woman murdered in December 1888. He leans over to touch the glowing headstone when he trips over some brambles, knocks himself out and as he falls he touches the edge of the Victorian Headstone.

When he wakes up he finds himself in the cemetery, next to a newly created grave, fog enclosed. It transpired that he has travelled to the past and arrived in Victorian London in December 1888. The story follows his wander around London and the sights and smells and people he encounters and his attempts to try and solve the murder of the Buried person using his hindsight and skills from the 21st century. He uses his skills in forensics to solve cases and historical puzzles based around London during his travels back in time between the 10th-20th. Century's.

( Suggested actor to play Archaeologist Henry Cort: John Nettles / David Jason/ Stephen Fry ).

Only after he has traced the murderer and again touched the grave of the murdered person is he transported back to the present. The star of the show is LONDON and its history through the centuries. Later in the series he visits various Cemeteries and famous Cathedrals like Westminster Abbey and finds if there is a glow surrounding a crypt he can touch and travel to their past.

My idea is during the course of the various Series set around London, he visits interesting unsolved Murders, unanswered questions about various Kings, Queens, interesting Famous London Events, Artists, Authors and Famous Theatres with interesting Actors and Playwrights like William Shakespeare etc.

At the end of Series 1 or Film he encounters a villain from the future who also has the ability to travel in time and tries to kill him, which leaves the series hanging until film/series 2.

In series 2 we find our hero surviving his struggle with our future villain and visiting the British Library making notes on unsolved murders and trace through time the future villain. His goal is to find the oldest 11th. Century Graveyard in London.

In series 3 our hero is visiting the London Cemetery and looking for glowing graves when he finds a glowing wartime grave from 1940s London.

In series 4 our hero ends up in the 18th. century and meets an ancestor.

In series 5 he arrives in 1665 and is in a ethical dilemma about curing people with the bubonic plague with antibiotics.

In series 6 he sees a glow at the crypt of Nelson at Westminster Abbey and arrives in London 1805.

In series 7 he sees a glow at the London Graveyard over the grave of Louis Wain 1860-1939 the famous artist of funny cats and dogs.

The great thing about this idea is it can be franchised around the world and represent other world capitals.

Please let me know what readers think of these ideas.

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